His real name is Antonio Tabarin, but is also well known as Tony Spray.

He was born in South Africa in 1968 and his father Sergio passed him the passion for the bicycle. In his free time, he was building and welding bike frames for his friends, so since then bikes have always been part of his life.

Tony was competing in a few local teams and still today he takes part in Grand Fondo and various races around the world, as the Paris-Brest in 2019, 1.200km of nature, culture and enthusiastic bike lovers.

Over 30 years ago this passion has become a job for him, when he was gaining his first experience in the shop of a craftsman when his first task ever was sanding to manually remove the old paint. Over time he has learned from the most experienced people in the field, he has studied, tested materials and experimented.

Today he can realize the dream of each rider, to realize a bike that is unique in its kind and reflects the distinct personality of the individual riding it.

Tony is also a coffee lover and in his show-room is always ready to offer an espresso to the visitors, for this reason we decided to sign a partnership with him and his fantastic team!

Passion for cycling and coffee, perfect match!