Stefano Zotti is an artist and craftsman. He comes from a family that has a long tradition in the production of bags and accessories in the fashion sector, for this reason he decided to continue this tradition by founding Laboratorio Zotti.

Stefano is also a bike lover in all its forms and uses it both for moving around the city and for his sports experiences. He prefers long journeys on a gravel bike, especially ultra riding alone or in a group. He is one of the founders of the NEGOT cycling project which aims to explore alternative routes on gravel bikes.

When we first met Stefano we immediately understood that his spirit, his art and his productions were absolutely in line with the Velodromo project. We talked a lot about our collaboration ideas, we shared rides and hot beers.

We asked Stefano to create 4 artworks for the coffee labels of Velodromo, he made them and we loved them, we are sure you will love them as well.


photo credit
Eric Scaggiante /linka il sito
Alessandra Giotto /linka sito