Panda cycling was born by chance, in one of those endless and always the same days of the spring 2020, when the only way to put miles on the legs was to get on a bike mounting it on rollers, replacing the air in our face with a noisy fan and our friends with some improbable avatars on zwift and ride it.

Looking back at the photos of past seasons, we realised even more deeply the importance of the bicycle for us and the friendships created with it.

This is perhaps the reason why panda cycling was born, from the need to share passion, sweat and dreams with anyone who feels the same love for cycling as we do, a virtual place (and not) where you can compare notes, between road cyclists, gravellers, mountain bikers and much more.

We believe in the bicycle as a means to explore the world and ourselves, from the climb behind our house to the most remote and unspoilt places. No matter where, or how, whether with a bag under the saddle or a number on the back, the important thing is always to return home with new experiences and emotions.

So far we have left traces of our tyres around our house, between Valsugana and Val di Fiemme, around Lake Garda or on some Dolomite passes. We've gone on adventures further afield, from the Stelvio tour, via the Gavia and back, or kicking up dust on dirt roads with the Massoneria Ciclistica Collective. We've also crossed the Swiss Alps and lost ourselves in the French Alps, with endless climbs and breathtaking views.

Some people push on the pedals to reach their limit and always move it a little further.
Then there's us, who mount the saddle so we can ride home and have an excuse to eat more than we have to, preferably cake.


Photo credit
Words credit
Camilla Pallanch