My name is Matthias and I am a triathlete from San Candido, Italy. I really love being outdoor and I like to suffer and test out what my body is capable of.

Maybe because of that and the privilege to ride my bike in the beautifulest places around the world makes biking very special to me. It does not matter if I ride my bike at home in my beloved Dolomites and climb mountain after mountain like Passo Giau and Passo Valparola or on the other side of the world on the beaches of the Gold Coast in Australia.

Once the legs are spinning and I feel the wind in my face I become happy. 

If it is the feeling of the speed and the burning legs in hard interval sessions or cruising along with friends, having fun during a nice coffee ride and discovering new places and roads, I love it both. 

This mix you will get only if you grab a bike and start pedaling.

So maybe next time We will see each other out there.

Have fun!

Photo credit @mattiaragni