We are Italian

We love Cycling and Espresso Coffee.

Between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the velodromes were places of social gathering, where cycling enthusiasts could meet and cheer on the new heroes of the most glamorous sport of the time.

The VELODROMO project aims to recreate that spirit through an Italian Cycling Cafè and virtual Emporium, within which the culture of cycling merges with the Italian passion for espresso, art, fashion and style.

A social place dedicated to those who love to ride together on any terrain and any weather condition or prefer to sit in company in front of the TV, drinking beer and coffee and watching races such as Milan-Sanremo, Giro d'Italia, Tour of Vlanderen, Paris-Roubaix, Il Lombardia or the Six Days of Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

This is our spirit, the VELODROMO spirit, where the passion for cycling meets the Italian Dolce Vita.