What's better than completing a meal with your cycling friends, watching a stage of the Giro d'Italia on TV, with a good espresso and a digestive? Velodrome takes care of the coffee, while for the digestive we recommend the Amaro Gregario, which shares with us the passion for fatigue cycling, quality products and the real made in Italy.

Amaro Gregario wants to rediscover an ancient legend. It is said that many years ago, a reckless and elusive man, tempered by the snow and rocks of the Rhaetian Alps, mixed a concoction of alpine herbs, infused with alcohol in his hut, and delivered it to support the mountain adventurers: mountaineers and climbers, explorers and shepherds, woodcutters and people who inhabited the highest peaks.

His name was Adelmo Gregarius.

Stable on his saddle, he traveled the arduous mountain climbs on an ancient bicycle: the bottles of the concoction in her backpack, as well as the freshly picked herbs. His constant and inexorable step.

He became the guardian angel of the mountain: it is said that in moments of difficulty, the adventurer suddenly saw Adelmo arrive, and the liqueur, friendly called "Gregario", refreshed body and soul.

Nowadays we still call "Gregario" the one who supports the champion in cycling, providing support in the hardest moment.